Thanks for asking. I'm an explorer into the unknown, always trying to find and develop new ideas, and link these ideas with practical reality. I passionately believe that ideas should be used to address the real needs and demands of real people in real organizations, and I am impatient with technology for its own sake, as well as abstract and ungrounded theorizing.

After a career spanning IT development, management consultancy, software tools, education and training, research and development, and IT industry analysis, I set up the Next Practice Research Initiative in 2009 to promote new ways of doing all of these things, devoting time and energy to new modes of thinking and practice in business strategy, enterprise architecture and organizational change, especially the development of Organizational Intelligence.

In June 2013, I joined Glue Reply as a business architecture consultant, and in January 2015, I joined the management team. In November 2016 I transferred across into Retail Reply. I shall continue to write on a wide variety of topics in my spare time.